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Working Holiday Visa Canada

Working Holiday Visa is also known as International Experience Canada, IEC visa or working holiday Canada. International Experience Canada, IEC manages Canadas youth mobility arrangements and agreements with different countries across the world. These arrangements and agreements make it easier for people from these countries to obtain a work permit to travel and work in Canada for up to 24 Months. Working Holiday Visas under IEC are available to young people aged 18-31 who are from one of the countries that have a working holiday arrangement or agreement with Canada.

How Can I Get A Visa? (Canada Working Holiday Visa)
  • To be eligible for Canada Working Holiday Visa the first eligibility criteria is to have a passport from the countries which have bilateral arrangements or agreements with Canada and are listed above
  • To be eligible for Canada Working Holiday Visa applicants need to satisfy certain health requirements for which they may be asked for a medical examination. Candidates may also be asked to take out health-care insurance for the period of their stay.
  • To be eligible for Canada Working Holiday Visa applicants need to satisfy certain character requirements for which they may be asked to present a police verification certificate or character certificate, as per the requirement.
  • To be eligible for Canada Working Holiday Visa applicants need to show that they have enough money to support themselves when they reach Canada (usually amount equivalent CAD2500$ i.e. estimated expenses for the first three months).
  • Applicants need to meet certain educational requirements as per the eligibility for their specific country, also no dependent children are allowed with the applicant for Working Holiday Visa.
  • Every foreigner who enters Canada on Working Holiday Visa must meet general requirements for temporary entry, at any time during the processing of your application, Citizenship and Immigration Canada may request additional information or documents to determine your admissibility.

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Working Holiday Program

Working Holiday Program was formed from a team of industrial leaders dedicated to helping our clients receive all the benefits under the one umbrella. We are committed to providing solutions to our clients with the assistance and guidance they ultimately require in order to achieve their dream of relocating abroad. Our experts will assist you with:

  • Developing the employability skills of job seekers to insist in their transition in the workplace and gain sustainable employment whistle they are overseas.
  • Complete Relocation assistance by a team of relocation experts
  • Complete Migration assistance by a team of migration experts
Silver Package
  • Visa application: Our immigration specialists will take care of your visa application, right from filling up the application to submitting it to the authorities.
  • International Sim Card: We provide you with an International Sim Card, so that you are always in touch with your family & friends and pay less for it.
  • Employment registration number: We help you generate your employment registration number, which enables you to work abroad.
  • Bank account: Opening a bank account in a foreign nation is harder than you imagine, we at Visa Simply will help you open a bank account which will help you in your financial transaction.

Visas Simply is the ultimate name for established immigration and global resettlement solutions. We provide you the most appropriate advice and support to your visa application with the help of the best immigration specialists. Visas Simply is not affiliated with the government. A certified Immigration agent will take care of your application right from reviewing the documents, filing your application to getting your Visa. The Visas Simply fee for Working Holiday Visa is AUD$ 650 + 10% GST (Government Sales Tax). The government fee for this visa varies depending upon the country of passport you hold which is charged apart from the Visas Simply service fee. If you do not wish to use the services of Visas Simply, you can apply through the official website of the Canadian Government for a Working Holiday Visa. The government charges would be applicable in addition to Visas Simply Fees as mentioned above. If the free assessment results suggest that you are not eligible for a Working Holiday Visa, we will recommend you an alternative service.

Total Cost of the Visa

Click Here to see the costs involved in lodging a Working Holiday Visa Application.

Total processing time of the Visa

The Processing Time will be between to 2 - 12 weeks.

Benefits of the Working Holiday Visa
  • If you are granted a Working Holiday Visa you may work and travel to Canada for a period of up to 24 months, the work portion of your trip lets you earn money while in Canada so that you can fund your travels during your stay.
  • You can have multiple entries in and out from Canada.
Important Note For Australians

As from 02 January 2008, the WHP (for Australian passport holders) is no longer a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity'. Previous participants in the WHP (for Australian passport holders) may reapply as long as they meet the eligibility and admissibility criteria at the time of their new application.


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