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Australia Family Visa

Family visas are for those individuals who are looking to go to Australia to meet or settle with their family there, visas are often granted on the basis of family ties in Australia. There are a number of different types of Australian family visas, suiting the general need.


Family Visa Australia

Partner Visa

Partner Visa is for those individuals who are either married or are in a de facto relationship. A temporary Partner Visa is granted if all the essential criteria are met, after that within a span of two years a permanent Partner Visa is grated, provided all the requirements are met.

Eligibility Criteria:

You are eligible for this visa if you want to enter Australia on the basis of your relationship with your partner. Your partner must be one of the following:

  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen.


Married Partners (de jure)

To be eligible to apply in Australia for a partner on the basis of marriage:

  • You should be sponsored by an eligible person.
  • You should have a legal marriage.
  • Prove that you have a mutual commitment to share your life as husband and wife.
  • You should have a genuine relationship with your partner.
  • You should be living together as partners.
  • You should comply with all health and character requirement.


De facto Partners

To apply for Partner Visa as a de facto partner, you must show that you have been living with your partner in a de facto relationship for a period of entire 12 months, prior to applying for a visa.
To be eligible to apply in Australia for a partner on the basis of a de facto relationship:

  • You should be sponsored by an eligible person.
  • You must not be related by family. This means you and your sponsor(partner) must not:
    • be an ancestor or descendant of one another
    • have a parent in common
    • You should be at least 18 years old.
    • You should have a genuine relationship with your partner.
    • You should be living together as partners.
    • You should comply with all health and character requirement.


Prospective Marriage Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa is a visa granted to those individual, who wish to enter Australia to marry their fianc. A Prospective Marriage Visa is a temporary visa granted for a period of nine months. An individual must enter Australia, with an intention to marry their fianc within the stipulated period of nine months. Once you are married to your fianc you can apply for partner Visa.

Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible for Prospective Marriage Visa, you should:

  • Be sponsored by your partner who should be an eligible sponsor. An eligible sponsor is someone who undertakes sponsorship obligations, and is one of the following:
    • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
    • If you are less than 18 years of age (if below 18 years of age, an Australian court must allow you to marry your intended fianc), live in Australia and wish to sponsor your fianc over the age of 18, than your parent or guardian must be the sponsor to your fianc.
    • You should be of the opposite sex to your intended fianc.
    • You should have met in person and know him/her. This is applicable even if:
      • It is an arranged marriage.
      • Both of you met as children and the marriage was fixed before you were 18.
      • Met on internet. ( Exchange of photograph not considered)
      • You should have no impediment to marrying your fianc, to elaborate:
        • Both of you are free to marry.
        • You should be of marriageable age.
        • The intention to marry is recognised under Australian law.
        • You must genuinely intend to marry your fianc.
        • You intend to live with your spouse.
        • You must meet certain health and character prerequisites.


Same Sex Relationship

From 1st November, 2009, same sex relations are known as de-facto partners. According to the changes that happened after 1st November, 2009, same sex de facto partners and their dependent children will considered as family members. This implies that the de facto partners and their children will have all the privileges of opposite sex partners. The children of the same sex partners born through artificial conception procedures or surrogacy will be considered the children of same sex partners and will have all the privileges of an Australian citizen.


Relationship Register

If you are in a relationship (whether same sex or different sex), whose duration is less than 12 months you can still apply for a de facto visa provide you have your relationship (whether same sex or different sex) registered under a prescribed state or territory.

This is really beneficial for those same sex or different sex partner who for some unavoidable reason cannot complete the requirement of twelve months of staying together. All they have to do is to get their relationship registered and they will be exempted from requirement and can apply for this visa.

The examples of special circumstances:

  • in the case of a de facto partner relationship where there is a child from the relationship
  • at the time of application of the partner visa, the de facto relationship was registered as a prescribed relationship in the relevant Australian state or territory legislation
  • in the case of a same-sex de facto relationship, where cohabitation was contrary to law in the applicant's country of residence.


Family Visa for Australian Students

If you are in Australia as a student, you can bring your family members as a dependent. Your family members can accompany you in Australia provided:

  • By including them in your student visa application
  • By applying on behalf of them after you have started your course in Australia.


Your guardian can also be granted Student Guardian visa provided you are below the age of18 years (in some cases above the age of 18).
The spouse and de facto partner can also apply for the dependent visa of the student. You need to prove that you have stayed together for a period of twelve months in a de facto relationship and if you are married you can submit the marriage certificate.


A dependent child less than the age of 18 years can also apply.


New Zealand Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 461)

New Zealand citizens, who dont have a permanent visa for Australia, are automatically granted a 444 temporary visa. The 461 visa is for non- New Zealand citizens to travel and live with a New Zealand citizen who holds this visa.

To be eligible for this visa:

  • If you are a family member of the holder of this special 461 visa.


There should be relation between you and the special visa holder, the relation could be that of

  • Partner
  • Partners dependent children
  • Dependent children of the dependent children


Their (or their partner's) relative who meets all of the following:

  • is widowed, divorced, separated or has never married or entered a de facto relationship
  • is usually resident in the Special Category visa holder's household
  • is dependent on the Special Category visa holder.


You should also prove that you hold a health insurance and meet character requirements.

This Visa is for people who are married, engaged or in de facto relation with an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen and want to live with their partner in Australia. If you decide to purchase Visas Simplys service, a qualified Registered Migration Agent will review your profile in detail to ensure that you can have an appropriate visa for your situation. By using Visas Simply you will receive the best Australian visa advice and support for your Australian visa application and have the services of most experienced Australian visa and Australian immigration experts at your disposal. Visas Simply and The Australian government fees will depend on what type of visa you are eligible for. If the Free Assessment result indicates that you are not eligible for a visa then we will recommend an alternative service for you. If you do not want to take advantage of Visas Simply services, a company regulated by the Australian government OMARA, you can go directly to the official Australian government site. Our fees is only AU$ 2800 for Partner Visa Subclass (Subclass 820&801/309&100) and Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300). Govt. fees for Partner Visa subclass 802 & 801 is AU$3975, Govt. fees for Partner Visa subclass 309 & 100 is AU$2680 and Govt. fees for Prospective Marriage visa is AU$3675.

How much will this visa cost?

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