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R1 Visa USA

The R1 visa is a temporary work visa which is being issued by the United States for the foreign ministers and religious workers. The applicants can take up job in US in non-profitable organization which is a religious organization.


To apply for R1 visa the applicant must be a member of religious organization

Must have temporary employment offer in religious occupation in US

The applicant should be religious minister of a non-profitable religious organization for at least 2 years before applying for the visa

The US employer must file Form I-129, petition for non-immigrant worker

The US visa can only be issued after the approval of I-129 form US citizenship and immigration service

The applicant must meet the health and character requirements.


The R1 visa holder can live and work in US on temporary basis.

The visa is granted for 3 years and extensions are granted.

A R1 visa holder can also apply for green card.

The spouse and dependent children of the R1 visa holder can also apply for the R2 visa for accompany to US.

The spouse and children are not entitled to study and work in US.

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