Sep 4, 2013

Acquire Partner Visa for Australia

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If you are organizing a Partner Visa Australia application and the basis of your eligibility is a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, then you definitely should prepare and submit a statutory declaration as part of your application. This is not listed as a required document on the Department’s checklist. The main purpose of preparing this document is to give your case officer with an account of your relationship together.

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You will also be providing explanations for the supporting evidence that you’re submitting.

Below listed are suggestions for preparing your own statutory declaration for Prospective Marriage Visa Australia:

1) Draft a statutory declaration in a factual and objective way. It should not be lengthy with descriptions and subjective statements. Here relevant and subjective statements are required. This will only be the case in certain sections of your statutory declaration. For example, you can include subjective statements within the ‘Nature of the persons’ commitment to each other’ section.

2) The application should be written in good English language. This task can be made easier if you bear in mind that the objective of this document. As stated above, the purpose of this document is to give the case officer with a factual account of your relationship.

3) The statements of fact that are made in the statutory declaration should be backed up by the evidence that you’re submitting. By making such links, you are affirming the accuracy of your claims. Support your case officer by clearly marking the supporting proof that is referred to and relied on.

4) Your case officer will have to take account of it is recommended that you incorporate a short opening paragraph, which talks about the initial development of your relationship and also a further section that clearly details the length of your co-habitation with your partner. The section should provide a short description of how you and your partner met and also a few statements regarding the initial development of your relationship. Write couple of lines about what you and your partner did on your initial few dates before confirming the date that you as a couple made the decision that you were in a de-facto relationship. The objective of these sentences is to: a) immediately establish a context for understanding your relationship and b) clearly state that the requirement that your relationship must have existed for at least twelve months prior to the lodgement of the application is satisfied.

5) The Department suggests that you address the duration of your co-habitation within the consideration of ‘Nature of the persons’ commitment to each other’. However, I prefer to deal with this essential consideration at the start of the statutory declaration, following the introductory section, as opposed to towards the end. In addition, I highly recommend that you keep these sections brief, and that you structure the content in a chronological way. This information can be presented as a list or table, stating the address where co-habitation took place, the date that co-habitation commenced and then repeating this information again for your different addresses of co-habitation.

Prior to you completing your statutory declaration for Partner Visa Australia make certain that the information presented is clear and straightforward to understand. Your statutory declarations should be free from mistakes. However, you should try and present the best application possible. Also, if your friends or colleagues are not able to understand your statutory declaration, then your case officer has even less of a chance.