Jun 9, 2014

Work Permit to Work in Canada

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To attain permit it is needed to work in Canada. You can obtain a Canada work visa if you fulfil the desired criteria. There are many employment options in Canada that requires skilled workforce from abroad. The application for work in Canada is provided for those who only intend to work temporarily in Canada. The work permit needs in Canada requires few documents for the apprehension of the visa officer. There is a point based system of assessment for immigration in Canada. But for work permit, one doesn’t have to undergo that assessment. The assessment system is applicable only for those who have applied for business visas or visas for skilled workers. The work permit allows you to take up a job in Canada only if there is a written job offer from a Canadian employer. The assessment has several stages.

After the final confirmation is received from HRSDC, the foreign national can apply to the CIC for the work permit. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) office has to be satisfied with the application. The employers are responsible for their foreign employees and have to make sure they own all the required paperwork. The added benefit of the visa is that one can bring his or her spouse but they cannot work in Canada. A long list of exemptions is also provided for various scenarios where temporary immigration is permitted without a valid work permit.

The intended people who apply for the work permit, have to show that they do not intend to settle down in Canada and that they will leave the country on the expiry of the visa. The visa officer must also be satisfied that the foreign nationals have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents in Canada. They must also have money to return back from Canada. The visa officer also checks if the applicant is law abiding or not by going through a background check on criminal activity by asking one to submit a police certificate.