Mar 30, 2013

Australia A Leader in Multiculturalism And Settlement Services

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Australia should be proud of its multicultural heritage and its world-class settlement services, the minister for multicultural affairs, Senator Kate Lundy said at the Migration & Multiculturalism conference in Canberra.

The conference highlighted successful immigration of migrants in Australia by focusing on recent trends of migration in Europe and Australia. The conference also put forward the policy lessons that can be drawn from Europe and Australia.

“This conference points to Australian multiculturalism as a great achievement. Many countries look to Australia wanting to learn about our experiences in successfully settling migrants”, Senator Lundy said.

She also said that the growth of multiculturalism in Australia has been primarily due to ample migrant resource centers, multicultural youth organizations, English tuitions centers and cultural orientation programs.

She praised the Gillard Government and its contribution to ensure that Australia remains a just, inclusive and socially cohesive society where everyone can participate in the opportunities the country offers. She also added, “Our settlement are world-class and form the backbone of our migration program to connect new arrivals with the wider Australian community.” She further said, “Our citizenship policy is non-discriminatory and inclusive, which has resulted in Australia having one of the highest of citizenship in the world.”

Senator Lundy said claims that multiculturalism had failed did not relate to the brand of multiculturalism that has been a remarkable success in Australia. According to her, in Australia living with other communities involves a sustained effort of making it work whereas in some parts of the world multiculturalism has been only about allowing people of other ethnic or cultural backgrounds to be themselves. The host of the conference was Australian National University Center for European studies.

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