Jun 5, 2014

Benefits of American Education

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In the perspective of current job system, having a cross-cultural experience is an invaluable attribute. Pursuing a degree overseas not only just helps you expand your global outlook but also it also helps you stand out to prospective employers. According to a survey it is reported that recruiters across the globe prefer applicants with an overseas degree also candidates having international work experience are favoured. Study in United States, gives you both. International students get the chance to work up to 20 hours a week on campus while studying, and work in the states for up to two years after completing their degree. Studying in USA is considered a broad education to prepare you for the future. And with the amount of scholarships available to international students, it’s never been more affordable.

 Study in USA so popular because:

The reputation and quality of the institutions are so strong that not only will students leave with a fantastic education but they will also be more attractive to future employers.

With international reputations American colleges not only lure the outstanding students but also the finest teaching staff from around the world. It’s no surprise then why former students have now become hugely successful experts in their fields and are leading the way in so many different industries around the world.

A broad and diverse range of degree programmes on offer with innovative and encapsulating approaches to bringing the best out of its students.

The choice that students have is also unparalleled compared to institutions in other countries. Students have a wide spectrum of choice at universities throughout the United States that they can base their final decision on where to study on anything from the universities location; size; student-body; male/female ratio; degree programs on offer; type of institution (private, public, national, liberal arts); tuition fees; sports program and facilities.

The flexibility to change university after two years of study in America is very common, and most compatible universities will accept credit from other universities. No need to complete the four years of study in the same institution. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to improve your grades as you study, and transfer your credits to a higher ranked institution.

With academics the U.S institutions are head and shoulders above the rest in the sports arena. College sport is a large business with huge fund accumulated each year. Student-athletes at universities in the US find themselves surrounded by world class facilities.

The sports and academic scholarships that students can receive for both academic and athletic excellence is another great reason to study in the USA. Universities are able to award scholarships in a variety of different areas, from sports, academics, to performing arts and visual arts and this is a huge pull for students weighing up their choices.

Earning a degree from a US university gives you the broad academic experience necessary to compete in the global economy. Studying in America means you have choices in the degree courses you study. When you begin university, you will study a variety of subjects, including literature, philosophy, history, mathematics, and science. Only later in your program will you specialize in one subject, called a major, and take more focused classes.