Jan 11, 2013

Canada: Fast Emerging As An Education Destination

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Canada perhaps is among-st the most underrated destination for education among the developed, this however does not mean that the quality of education imparted in the Canadian universities or college is any less or sub-standard as compared to other countries. In fact Canada has the best of universities and is the third most favored destination for business studies. According to a report the universities in Canada saw an increase of around 11% in the influx of foreign students.

Canadian universities and colleges offer the best facilities, world class faculty, infrastructure, great libraries and research facilities. Canadian universities offer courses that are rigorous and of high academic quality and are recognized all over the world. Another good thing about studying in Canada is that the tuition fee and the cost of living in Canada is less than as compared to other countries.

Students on campus walking toward the Thorvald...
Students on campus walking

All the campuses in Canada are state of the art, they use the latest educational tools and technology for the benefit of the students. The universities/colleges in Canada have exhaustive libraries which are of much help to all the students there. They also have world class facilities for sports and entertainment.


The universities in Canada are cosmopolitan, you will find students belonging to different countries and culture studying here. This offers a great chance to learn about other cultures, forge friendship and learn from each other. The student counselors in these universities are very helpful and friendly. Canada is among-st the safest nations in this world, this means crime rates are low and the people are peace loving. Canada is also one of the finest centers for language training, being a bilingual nation (Canada has English and French as the official languages) you can learn an extra language.

Canadian universities give a lot of emphasis on research, in fact both the Canadian government and the industry support research in all fields. Canada is a land of opportunity, an education in Canada will give wings to your career, develop your skills and you will improve your communication skills and develop your overall personality, another advantage of studying in Canada is that you can also apply for permanent residency.

Given below are the names of some of the Canadian universities

1) University of Toronto
2) The University of British Columbia
3) MaGill University
4) University of Waterloo
5) University of Alberta
6) Simon Fraser University
7) University of Calgary
8) Queens’s University
9) University of Victoria
10) University of Ottawa
11) University of Manitoba
12) Université de Montréal

If you want to go to Canada for studies, you will need a Canada Student Visa, to be eligible for a Canadian student visa you should:

  • Enrolled in a university, school, college or any other recognized institution.
  • You should have proof of funds.
  • In order to be eligible for a Canada student visa you should satisfy health and character requirement.