Dec 27, 2012

Demand For Skilled Workers in Australia And Canada

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It’s a known fact that there is a global shortage of skilled worker. We won’t go into details quoting statistics and try to analyse the trends and the outcome, instead we shall discuss how this is a golden period for those individuals who have the skills. We all know the basic economic principle of supply and demand, when demand is low and supply is high, price of a commodity goes down and vice versa. If we apply this theory then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you fall in the skilled worker category your pay cheque is definitely going to be fat.

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Skilled workers such as doctors, dentists, engineers, sales and marketing professionals, plumbers, electricians, teachers and IT professionals are in great demand even in stable economies like Australia and Canada. These countries in order to fulfil the shortage of skilled workers in their countries are welcoming immigrants with the desired skills with open arms. In fact they have specialized immigration program just to fulfill their economic needs. It’s a win-win situation for all concerned, the countries get their deficient manpower that helps their economy to grow and on the other hand the migrants can look forward to a better job and a better lifestyle.

Countries like Australia and Canada where the population is low face an acute shortage of skilled workers. It’s one of the reasons that skilled workers wait with bated breath for these countries skilled immigration programs to open up. A majority of immigrants are from Asian countries like China, Japan, India where there is no shortage of IT professionals, doctors and teachers and the remuneration is not that good, also people from the European countries migrate here, especially after the euro zone financial crisis. USA and Mexico also have their share of immigrants travelling to Australia and Canada.

A sense of security along with good pay, better lifestyle and job satisfaction are some of the factors that an immigrant looks forward to and they have a sense of accomplishment when they achieve all this.

Countries like Australia and Canada who are economically strong and stable want to keep their growth continuous, this can be only achieved if they have a workforce which can deliver. Specialized jobs require a certain set of skills and these countries are making sure that they get their share of skilled workers from all over the globe.

Australia and Canada both have skilled worker immigration programs. In Australia it is called Skill Select and in Canada it is known as Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Skill Select Australia

Skill Select helps to ensure the skilled migration program is based on the economic needs of Australia. Skill Select will also help address regional skill shortages. Skill Select allows intending migrants to indicate if they are willing to live and work in regional Australia. This will be of particular benefit to employers experiencing regional skill shortages and state and territory governments attempting to settle migrants in regional Australia. Australia immigration department has put out a list of skilled jobs, if the job profile and duties matches to that of a skilled worker and he/she can apply for this visa program. Skill Select is a point based system where points are allotted to an individual based upon his educational qualification, age, work experience and language. If you manage to cross the threshold which is of 60 point you are eligible to apply.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program
Canada Skilled worker program is those individuals who want to migrate to Canada and work there as a professional. The Canada Skilled Worker Program is also a point based program. You will be allotted points based on age, language skills, educational qualifications and work experience. You need to have at least 67 points to apply and your work experience should match the jobs in the occupation list.