Jun 4, 2014

Detailed Canadian Working Holiday Visa Program

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Opportunities open up endlessly, when you are young. You get a chance to explore and re-discover the whole world, travel many places and learn as much as you can. It not only supplements your knowledge but also broadens the horizons. There are many options which can help you to extend plans to travel, making conditional about your adaptability for new employment opportunities. The Canadian Working Holiday program is one such opportunity, which is an amalgamation of amazing travel and work experience. This is also known as the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

About Working Holiday Program/ IEC

The International Experience Canada program can be easily explained as a bilateral program, which offers initiatives with other countries of the world. It allows residents of the participating countries to discover the Canadian culture while earning some salary through temporary paid employment. If you want to explore Canada as a tourist but you need some extra money to fund your travel, you can avail of the Canadian Working Holiday Visa (known as the IEC work permit) to travel to Canada. You can find short term jobs and earn pretty good cash to fund travel tour to the country.

Requirements for Working Holiday Visa

If you are in a mindset to apply for an IEC work permit, you need to be aware of the general requirements prior to applying.  Firstly, there is an age restriction; to qualify you must be aged between 18 and 35 years. For some countries the limit is set at 30 years, so you need to check the rules that have been updated. Secondly, you need to supply evidence that you can support yourself during the initial months of your stay in Canada. Although it is understood that you will be working to fund your trip, you must have enough money  to cover expenses at the beginning of your stay, when you will have to look for housing and employment. You must also accept to purchase medical and health insurance for the duration of your stay before you enter Canada.  Lastly, your country must be participating in the Working Holiday program in order for you to be eligible.

Benefits of Canadian Working Holiday 

One of the greatest benefits of the IEC program is that you will dive in the Canadian culture. The Canadian Working Holiday Visa allows you to spend a whole year to explore the country, learn and master its languages, experience the Canadian culture and immerse yourself in a different work environment. The work experience helps you to get better opportunities in Canada itself or in your home country as the Canadian job experience is highly regarded across the globe.

About the quotas

One thing that you have to know is that the Foreign Affairs and International Canadian Trade regulates the number of people who are given Working Holiday Visas. Make sure you check the quotas regularly.

The Working Holiday Visa, Canada is mostly preferred as it opens a gateway to gain work experience along with witnessing the unparalleled beauty of Canada.