Sep 10, 2015

Easy Process to Apply for Australia Permanent Residence

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Australia has always been a dream destination for all of us. Many of us must have planned or dreamt of living in the country but may not be able to get the permanent residency as you are not eligible for the same. Below mentioned are the categories that make the person eligible to apply for Australia Visa/permanent residency. An eligible person for Australian permanent residency should have:

• Lived and self-employed for one-year duration in a specified regional area
• Got sponsored under the regional sponsor migration scheme
• Lived and worked in the country for a minimum of 2 years in a specified regional area

Ways for applying for Australian permanent residency are a lot. Usually a person comes to the country with a temporary visa, spends time in the country and then becomes capable of applying for a Permanent residency in Australia as per the law by the government.

Following are some of the categories, which you should consider if you are planning to get Australian PR:-

• Skilled Sponsored Visa
• Parent Visa
• Skilled Independent Visa
• Aged Parent Visa
• Remaining Relative Visa
• Employer Nomination Scheme

Below mentioned are some of the basic steps to apply for all the visa classes:

• Fulfill all the basic requirements like language capability, age, professional skills, health, qualification, and character.
• Submit the expression of interest (EOI) that is needed only for employment visas.
• Attach all the documents with the completed form and the apply for the visa in the visa department of your country
• Pay the fee to get the visa
• Give the provisional interview and clear it.
• Get nominated by am employer or by a family member under the category of sponsored visa

Following all the steps without making any mistake is a very difficult task. With so many daily responsibilities, you may not get the time to collect all the needed documents and apply for the visas. Therefore, why not take help from the expert’s visa service providers. There is a rule of the government of Australia that only certifies consultants can provides consultation services to get a visa. Visa Simply is one such reliable service provider company that is known for its reliable services.

We at Visas Simply make sure that applicants don’t get cheated by any of the ignorant and non-eligible consultants. You can find us online at www.visassimply.com or contact us on Twitter.