Sep 8, 2015

Easy Way to Apply for US Permanent Residency

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For people who want to settle their life in the United States of America, getting a green card or PR (permanent residency) is the first step. After getting the PR and becoming a lawful permanent resident, it will be very easy to live in the country permanently (for as long as no crime or violations are done by the person).

There are several categories under which one can apply for US PR, but it is not easy to qualify for a green card. Even if you fall in a category, you may not get the green card if found inadmissible to the US Government.

Let’s dig deep into the various categories of getting the USA permanent residency:
Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens

This is one of the most used categories for getting USA Visas and PR. If the person is an immediate relative of a US citizen, then this category can be used. The list of immediate relatives includes:

• Recent widowers, widows, and spouses of the citizen of United States of America.
• Step children, children (both unmarried and under 21), and the step parents in a condition the marriage was done before the child was 18 years of age.
• Children who are adopted before the age of 16.
Till now, there is no as such limit for the number of immediate relatives applying for PR.

Preference Relatives of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents
Under this category, the green cards are given on the basis of first come first served basis. The earlier you apply, sooner you will get the PR.

The below-mentioned are the relatives who fall under this category:
• Unmarried children of a USA citizen who is of 21 years or old.
• Children as well as spouses of a green card holder
• Brother or sister of a US citizen (of at least 21 age)
• Married children of a US citizen ( at least one of the parent should have US citizenship)

Employees and Workers
Every year, a total of 140,000 green cards are issued by the US government to people needed to work in the US market. Mostly, a job offer is necessary for getting PR under this category.

The following are the preferences under this category:

• People who are extraordinary in the field of education, art, science, business, athletics, or any other field.
• People who are outstanding researchers, professors, executives, managers, working in a multinational company.
• Religious workers or special immigrants
• Skilled or unskilled professional workers
• The professionals having an advanced degree

Special Immigrants
This category includes the special immigrants who are:
• Working in religious hospitals, cantors, and religious instructors
• Retired employees of international organizations
• Workers of a former international US government
• A person who is declared dependent on a juvenile court
• Service people with 10 years duty

The information discussed above is just a brief. There are other categories such as green card lottery, refugee and political asylum, and long time residents. If you are looking forward to getting USA permanent residency, then contact Visas Simply right now.

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