Sep 16, 2013

Enjoy Work along with Holidays at Canada

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Briefly Working Holiday Visa, Canada allows age between 18 to 30 years from selected countries work for up to 12 months in Canada while travelling the country.

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The Working Holiday Programme is a great way for young travelers to financially supplement travel and gain overseas work experience at the same time. If you are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa, you will be acknowledged through a “Letter of Introduction” from the Canadian High Commission or Consulate in your country of origin.

You have 12 months to enter Canada after you receive this letter. No sooner you enter Canada; you are free and eligible to work 12 months in any job of your choice. You are also free to leave Canada as many times as you like. In that case your visa will not be put on hold while you are outside the country. If you have previously been offered a “Letter of Introduction”, you cannot apply for another. The Canadian Government will not issue another Letter of Introduction to the same applicant, even if your first visa remained unused. To be approved for a Working Holiday Visa, you will need to first declare any criminal convictions or medical problems to the Canadian government. You will also need to prove you do not have any dependents accompanying you, and that you are a citizen of a participating country in the Working Holiday Programme.

You will need to have a valid passport that proves you are a citizen of a participating country in the Working Holiday Visa program. Your passport needs to be valid for at least 14 months from the date you apply, because the Canadian Government will not issue a Letter of Introduction to any applicant whose passport will not remain valid during their time in Canada. You will also need to prove you have access to at least $4000 CAD (approximately £2000) when you enter Canada. Immigration officials will only allow you to enter Canada on a Working Holiday Visa if you have declared any medical problems and or previous criminal convictions.

Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada, the Government reserves the right to deny you entry if they feel you would burden its health services or pose a security risk to Canadian residents. If you do have any serious medical conditions or health issues, be sure to declare them first. If you have minor offences like drink driving, assault, or public nuisance, the Canadian Government will also need to be informed prior to your entry to the country. The Working Holiday Visa Canada Programme has different arrangements with various countries around the world. The application process depends on your country of origin.