Apr 23, 2014

Exclusive Canada Immigration Benefits

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Migrating Canada with Permanent Resident Visa is like dream come to reality. Canada is a land of ample opportunities for the immigrants in terms of work, study and settle down here.  A young aspirant willing to work or study here is benefited with many chances to learn, earn and grow.  Canada is one of the countries in the world that extends the same rights to immigrants as to its citizens.

Important Advantages of Canada Immigration

1. A most important benefit of immigrating to Canada is the right to work and live at any part of the country. A permanent citizen has rights to social benefits like free public school education for children and state health care facilities for family members.

2. The immigrants have the option of shifting to Canada along with their family, including parents and children and can also visit their home country.

3. The Canadian Government helps those who face monetary crisis or unemployment.  The couples with children are given financial rewards on timely basis.

4. An immigrant with the permanent resident status can also extend an invitation to his family members to settle in the country.

5. A Canadian permanent resident has the liberty to travel more than 100 countries without obtaining a visitor visa.

6. An immigrant, once settled at Canada, can expand his business to USA as well under the NAFTA agreement.

7. The new Canadian Permanent Residents can somehow reduce or even eliminate Canadian taxes with proper planning in advance of their arrival.

8. All the new residents have the same freedom, rights and status as that of Canadian citizens which is an exceptional feature in today’s politically unstable world.

9. If Permanent Resident lives in Canada for three years, they are accepted as the Canadian citizens.

10. Each child will get child tax benefit per month based on your annual income from the government, until child reaches 18 years of age.

11. If the immigrant looses the job, resident gets unemployment benefit every month.

12. Government provides subsidized apartments for low income residents.

13. Government helps the residents through their employment agency centers so that residents could get jobs. And for higher study for getting a better job, Government helps you to study and upgrade your skills.

14. The government sponsored immigration and employment service centers helps you to develop your communication skills one lacks communication skills in English totally free. The service centers help you to prepare your resume, guide how to apply, prepare for the interview, and provide you free internet, phone, resume printing and fax facilities.

15. One year paid maternity leave where both the spouses can share the leave.

16. Canada offers free medical services to its Permanent Residents and Citizens.  Free education up to grade 11 is and higher education is subsidized.

17. After receiving citizenship, you can study and work in USA, Europe, Australia, and Middle East like almost 75 countries without visa.

The above mentioned reasons make the mindset strong for Canada Immigration with a PR visa.