May 25, 2013

Five Most Picturesque Beaches in Australia

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Australia has one of the best coastlines in the world, three of the world’s famous ocean meets in the Australian coastline namely, Indian ocean, Pacific ocean and Southern ocean, the coastline of Australia mainland is more than 30,000 Km in length and if the islands are included the coastline goes up to 47,000 Km in length and comprises of around 10,685 beaches. No wonder than the Australians love their beaches and indulge in many activities like surfing, water sports, family outing and these beaches are a part of Australian culture.

Whitsunday Island - Whitehaven Beach
Whitsunday Island – Whitehaven Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many beaches in Australia and each one has its own charm, in this blog we have tried to compile the five most picturesque beaches of Australia.

Whitehaven Beach: Whitehaven beach is located in Queensland; it is a 7km long beach along the Whitsunday Island. Whitehaven beach is known for its pristine white sand. Water sports options are available.

Turquoise Bay: Turquoise bay is located in Exmouth, Western Australia. This beach is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches In Australia. Turquoise Bay is known for is crystal clear water and its proximity Ningaloo, you can try drift snorkel and also watch the colorful coral and variety of fish.

Cable Beach: Another beautiful beach in Western Australia, this beach got its name from the fact that a telegraphic cable laid between Broome and Java.

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.
Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This beach is known for its long stretches of sand and the water here always remain at a comfortable temperature, this is also a white sand beach and clear waters.

Wilson’ Promontory or Squeaky beach: This beautiful beach is located in Victoria. Known for its with sand and pristine water this beach got its name from the fact that when you walk or run in the sand it squeaks! It’s one of the best places to swim and surf. The water temperature is cold and it’s recommended that kids should not be allowed to swim as the water can get choppy and rough at times.

Coolangatta Beach: Coolangatta beach has the best surfing condition and is very scenic; this beach is known for its clear water and lukewarm water.

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