Apr 24, 2014

Degree by Studying in Canada

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Canada – The Maple Country is one of the hottest destinations preferred for overseas studies. The world class infrastructure, top class universities in Canada, high standards of education and affordable living standards have made it one of the most popular destinations among international students. Every year number of students turns out to study in Canada in an aim to create a landmark to their career and further settle down in the same land by getting a good job. There are a few essential requirements for studying in Canada which should always be kept in mind before applying for universities and colleges in Canada.

Application Process of Student Visa 

The most important requirement for pursuing any course in Canada for which duration is more than 6 months the applicant must start the process of student visa. To apply for a student visa you have to apply at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate that is nearby your place. The documents that are required for applying for student visa is Letter of Acceptance from institution you are going to join. The next requirement is Medical Examination. Canadian government takes 2-3 months to process your medical examination report before finally approving your visa. There are a few basic requirements for student visa which are given below are as valid passport, letter of Acceptance from Canadian colleges, evidence to show availability of sufficient financial assets to support your stay and living in Canada,  letter from sponsoring organization in case you are sponsored candidate or a medical character certificate.

Evidence of Financial Assets & Property

While you apply for student visa you are required to give the proof that you have enough financial assets to support your education requirements as well as your stay in Canada. You have to attach a few documents along with application as a proof of your financial assets. These documents includes letter from bank which is dated within last four months from date of application, written pledge from parents and proof of payment of tuition fees.

Medical Security

There are only three provinces in Canada which provides medical services plan. As the medical services are very costlier in Canada and it can be very high on student’s pocket to manage such expenses all together. It is advised to have a medical insurance during your stay in Canada.

Educational Adequacy

Once your application is accepted by universities in Canada a letter of acceptance is send to you where you have to fill your educational qualification. The education qualification requires a few details which includes 12th class passing grades they must be above 65%, Proficiency in English for which you are required to mention your IELTS or TOEFL score, Other entrance examination score like GMAT, GRE and etc if required, Work experience if any and letter of Recommendation from teacher or professor under whom you have studied.

Study Expenses

The total expenses include expenses on education and living expenses. Canada offers affordable education for international students; the cost education ranges from C$7000 to C$ 12000 for under graduate courses.

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