May 24, 2013

Green Cards To Be Fast Tracked

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The much coveted Green Card, which is equivalent to permanent residency in the United States, is all set to be fast tracked. The Green Card is the proof that a person has been granted permanent residency in US. A Green Card holder is given all the benefits that a permanent citizen of the US has, like live permanently in the United States, work in the United States, you will be protected by the US laws and the local state jurisdiction.green-card

Earlier, there was an air of uncertainty about how long the Green Card will take to reach the applicant, now the US congress has decided to end this predicament about the long queue and overseas workers who have completed their education in the US.

The US Senate Judiciary Committee has approved changes in the nation’s immigration laws and has sent it to the full Senate. This bill will be very helpful for students, especially science, math and engineering graduates of US universities to become permanent residents.

Another important decision is to lift the limits on number of immigrants from each country. This step will be beneficial to people of more populous countries like India and China. This also gels with students pursuing their science and engineering courses from U.S. universities as almost half are them are from abroad.

This bill has also found support from major multinational companies like Microsoft and Facebook as they want to hire many of these students, and it will be easier for them to if their permanent residency status is approved quicker., the same view has also been endorsed by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a group that advocates for US workers. Though there are some apprehensions in some quarters, it will most likely to pass in the US senate.

Seems like good news for everyone!