Apr 9, 2014

How to Acquire Canada Permanent Residency Visa?

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Canada PRCanada is a country known for its unparalleled beauty and economically stability. Every year people across the globe immigrate to Canada for many reasons. People may prefer to study, work, travel or settle down permanently in the Maple country. The country offers high quality education for the aspiring students and ample job opportunities with good pay to the skilled professionals. You can come across the top universities in Canada that offers students quality education, safe, secure and multicultural environment. The students get wide spectrum of courses that could match to the needs of each and every type of student who come here.
Canada Permanent Residency Visa is a privilege that brings different types of benefits to the residents. Once the immigrant obtains Canadian Permanent Residency Visa he is entitled with all the rights and freedom as the citizen of Canada. There are sixty different types of Canadian immigration programs that results into the Canadian Visa for the qualified applicants. They are mentioned below:
Federal Skilled Worker Group: The skilled applicants, who meet 67 points in the skilled based test, they are eligible to apply this type of Visa. Inclusion to it the applicants must have at least an experience of one year from any one of the 29 listed occupations. The applicants who have a job offer for any of the skilled position from an employer in Canada are also eligible for this Visa.
Canadian Experience Class: The applicants who have recent work experience from Canada could easily migrate to the country under this program and the students who have recently graduated from any of the universities in Canada are also entitled for obtaining this visa.
Sponsoring Family: The children whose parents live in Canada have the privilege go to the country. Moreover, the parents could also sponsor their child for the title of the Permanent Residency in Canada.
Provisional Nominees: In this category the applicant could get the Canada Permanent Residence Visa. Only a certain class of individuals fit into this category. The provinces as well as the territories in Canada could nominate the individuals for a permanent Canadian Residency Visa.
Quebec Skilled Worker Category: The applicants that are selected by the government of Quebec and these people could easily settle as well as work in the Canadian province of Quebec. The selection is however made on the point assessment that will be based on their qualifications.
All these above mentioned categories could help in acquiring the Canada Permanent Residency Visa. It is advised to apply for the immigration process through an authentic registered consultant. He is a person who would take care of your time as well as money. There are different types of consultancy services that help the applicants to apply for the visa to any foreign country. The visa documentation process gets smoother and easier.