Apr 22, 2014

Influencing Elements for the Aspirants to Study in Australia

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Australia hosts the captivating cities that offer the visitors and students – carefree lifestyle, beach culture, great Aussie BBQ and steaks, fantastic weather with beautiful warm and sunny days where one can embark on just about any sort of outdoor activity from kayaking, fishing, biking to snow skiing in winter.

1. Food culture

Australia has benefited from a significant influx of Asian migrants over the last 20 years. Today, metropolitan Sydney is a melting pot of world-class and international cuisine. Whatever you name, Sydney’s got it – traditional and modern Italian, Greek, German, French and Swiss to start with from continental Europe. The Sydney Fish Markets have grown to become among the largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere. An array of world-class restaurants with iconic Sydney views have also took centre stage in Sydney’s food scene.

2. Multiculturalism

Australia has embraced multiculturalism through a migration policy which sees skilled and business migrants arriving in Australia each year. This had added new dimensions to the Australian economy in terms of developing a highly skilled labour force and enriching the cultural heritage of Australia which now include people from all corners of the world. It is a world-class destination where the combination of modern infrastructure, cool and temperate climate, natural beauty of the mountains, beaches, reefs. Sydney attracts the largest number of migrants than any other Australian capital city. Many are attracted to this city because of ample career prospects in its dynamic economy.

3. Carefree lifestyle

Australia anchors the world’s most beautiful harbours; landscapes include beaches, bays, headlands and vast open spaces. The coastal highways make it easy to drive either up or down the coast along the eastern seaboard which offer other activities such as fishing, rock-climbing and camping.

4. Weather and Climate

Australia enjoys a temperate climate which means the city enjoys more than 240 days of sunny weather each year. Winter temperatures are mild; this climate has contributed to the outdoor lifestyle and strong sporting heritage of Australia.

5. Public transport

The efficient public transport system here includes an integrated rail, bus and ferry network, which connects with all of its metropolitan areas, extending both north and south along the coastal areas.

6. Affordable Housing and job prospects

House prices in Australia vary from areas to areas and cities to cities. Despite the current global economic crisis, Australia avoided a recession and unemployment in Australia remained lowest among OECD countries (it was 5.8%).

7. Best Education System

The education system here has grown to cater for the ever increasing influx of overseas students who recognise that having a good qualification from top most higher learning institutions greatly increases job prospects in the future.

8. Friendly Environment for all

The country is favourable for young families, the elderly and the handicap. Government policy has been effective in ensuring the needs of these groups are given priority in all public domains as well as requirements for private businesses.