Jun 7, 2013

Migration: A Norm in Australia

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Australia has a history of migrants; right from the early 1600’s when Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon landed on Australian shores to till date, Australia attracts migrants from all over the world. According to Immigration Australia migrants contributed around 54 percent to the total population growth in the 12 months to September 2011, around 27 percent of resident Australians were not born in Australia. This phenomenon explains the diverse culture of Australia and its cosmopolitan nature. If we look back at the history of Australia there are many famous personalities who were immigrants to Australia for e.g. Frank Lowy who is one of the richest persons in Australia, Tan Lee, Les Murray, Australia’s Mr. Football, some of the famous personalities whose family has migrated to Australia are Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Julia Gillard, this list is endless and we can see that these people have contributed a lot to Australia.


Since the dawn of 21st century the rise in immigration to Australia can be attributed to factors like sustained economic growth, job opportunities, better standard of living and of course to the factor that Australia is very picturesque. Today, people from all over the world visit Australia for different purposes like travel and tourism, business, jobs or to stay here permanently. The friendly immigration rules are also plays a major role and encourages immigrants to come to Australia.

Individuals who want to visit Australia for resettlement, job or just to have fun need to have a valid visa to enter the country and the visa should be for the purpose they want to enter Australia, for e.g., study, work, permanent residency etc. We shall have look at the most important visas to Australia:

1) Working Holiday Visa Australia: Working holiday is a visa for youngsters between the age of eighteen and thirty. You can stay and travel in Australia for a year and also work part time to supplement your travelling.

2) Employer Nomination Scheme: This visa is for employers who want to sponsor highly skilled employees to fill up those vacancies which cannot be filled by the local labor market.

3) 457 Visa: this visa enables employers to sponsor skilled workers to work in Australia on a temporary visa.

4) Skilled Independent Visa, 189: This is a permanent visa for individuals with skins which are in demand in the Australian skilled market.

5) Skilled Sponsored Visa 190: This is a permanent visa for those individuals who have the qualifications or skills that are needed by Australia and their occupation is listed in SOL (Skilled Occupation List), but cannot meet the pass mark required to obtain a Skilled Independent visa.

6) Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa: This is a three year provisional visa for skilled workers who are unable to meet the criteria for a Skilled – Independent visa. You can apply for a permanent visa once you have lived there for two years and worked for one year in a specified region in Australia.

7) Tourist Visa Australia: This visa is for those individuals, who want to visit Australia for tourism, holiday or to visit family members or friends. You can also study for a period of three months on this visa. This visa allows you single or multiple entries in Australia for a period of three, six or twelve months.

8) Partner Visa Australia: Partner Visa is for those individuals who are either married or are in a de facto relationship. A temporary Partner Visa is granted if all the essential criteria are met, after that within a span of two years a permanent Partner Visa is granted, provided all the requirements are met.