Dec 31, 2012

New Year Wish: Simpler And Hassle Free Visa

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Visas Simply wishes you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Last year we received thousands of applications by individuals who wanted to various countries in search of a good life. One thing that was similar in all these applicants was that they found the visa processing time a bit stretched; some complained that getting the required documents was tiresome.


We hope this year this won’t be an issues as almost all the countries are stepping up to make the visa process smooth and hassle free, as for the documents, we suggest that if you have made up your mind to go abroad, start collecting the mandatory documents like educational certificates, ID proof, passport as it will not only save your time but it will also help you to get things started quickly. The rest of the documents like police verification’s  character certificates, employer reference and salary slip should also be are next in line, so try to keep them in the ready as well. In this blog we will focus on all the major changes that we are expecting this year.

Expected changes in Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program, 2013:

As, discussed in previous blogs the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker program will go through major changes in 2013. The major changes we are expecting are:

1) More importance to English and French Language.
2) More emphasis on youth.
3) Canadian work experience will be given importance.
4) Spousal language ability and Canadian work experience will be given more importance.
5) Adaptability
6) Expression of Interest will be implemented.

We are expecting changes in skilled visa category in Australia as well. The quota for skilled migration will change and we are expecting a change in the points system as well, a clearer picture will emerge by the month of April/May.

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