Jan 3, 2013

New Zealand: An Enchanting Experience

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New Zealand is also known as Aoteaora or “the land of white clouds”. An island country, New Zealand comprises of two prominent land masses, the North and South Islands and various other smaller island. New Zealand is a beautiful country, its scenic beauty is unparalleled, be it the snow capped mountains, the beautiful coast lines, the hot springs, sandy beaches, glaciers and the rich plethora of flora and fauna makes New Zealand truly amazing and picturesque.

The woman on the left side of the coat of arms...
The woman on the left side of the coat of arms of New Zealand is Zealandia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Zealand has an amazing range of flora and fauna. New Zealand’s evergreen forests have an amazing range of trees, notable among them are the Kauri, Rimu and Totara, apart of these amazing trees you will find shrubs, ferns and different variety of mosses and lichens. The Kowhai tree and the Pohutukukawa tree have splendidly beautiful flowers of yellow and red colour respectively. These flowers add a dash of color during the Christmas, in fact the Pohutukukawa tree is also known as the ‘Christmas tree of New Zealand’. New Zealand also has a wide range of animal and birds, some of the most fascinating birds found in New Zealand are, the national bird of New Zealand, Kiwi, Kakapo parrot, Kea, Weaka , Thakahe, Tui and the morepork owl. There are also whales and dolphins and many other animals that form the biodiversity of New Zealand.

You can do a lot while you are in New Zealand, if you want to indulge yourself in the natural beauty that New Zealand has to offer, you can visit the hot springs, go penguin watching, catch a glimpse the huge sperm whale and the dolphins, you can also hike along the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand and find your peace in the wilderness. Some of the best stretches to hike are the Abel Tasman Coast, Heaphy Track, Kelper Track, and Lake Waikaremoana .

If you have taste for adventure sports you can have your share of fun. You can go bungee jumping, off road driving, sky diving, caving, rafting, jet boating, surfing and kayaking. New Zealand has so much to offer to adventure sports enthusiasts that they will never complain.

New Zealand also offers a wide range of food and wine. In fact, there is a wine trail where you can explore 120 odd wine yards. You can also satisfy your taste buds by indulging into sea foods. New Zealand also offers theme based amusement parks and casinos. You can visit New Zealand on a working holiday visa or a tourist visa.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

To be eligible for New Zealand working holiday visa you should:

  • Have a passport from the participating countries.
  • You should be between the age of 18 to 30.
  • You should not have any dependent children with you.
  • You should have sufficient funds.
  • You should have a return ticket.
  • You should meet health and character requirement.

New Zealand Tourist Visa

If you want to visit New Zealand on a tourist visa, you should:

  • Have a passport.
  • Have sufficient funds.
  • Be of good character and health.
  • You can stay for a period of nine months on a visitor visa.