Jun 28, 2018

Pool and Pass Marks for General Skilled Migration Visas changed to 65 from 1 July 2018

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Australian MigrationChange of Points in General Skilled Migration category from 60 to 65
Pool and pass marks in relation to general skilled migration visas will change form 1 July 2018 from 60 to 65. In writers view it would not make a significant difference to applicants under Sub Class 189 as generally seen nowadays it’s hard to get invitations below 75 points, but it would make difference to those who are looking to get there Permanent Residency through Skill Migration Program under Subclass 190 & 489 and struggling to get points above 75 or their occupation is not on 189 occupation list .
If this effects you I am more than happy to work with you to build a strategy around this.
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