Financial managers – NOC : 0111

Unit Group

0111 Financial Managers

Financial managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operation of financial and accounting departments. They developand implement the financial policies and systems of establishments. Financial managers establish performance standards and prepare various financial reportsfor senior management. They are employed in financial and accounting departments in companies throughout the private sector and in government.

Example Titles

controller – financial services

director – financial services

director of accounting

finance director

financial administrator

manager, financial control

manager, financial planning and analysis

manager, internal audit services


accounting and financial control chief

accounting and financial control director

accounting department manager

accounting director

accounting manager

accounting manager – financial services department

accounting office manager

administrator, pension plans

assigned public accountants chief

assistant accounting manager

assistant treasurer – finances

audit and compliance director

auditing department manager

chief, accounting and financial control

collections department manager

controller – financial services

corporate budgeting and analysis manager

corporate financing manager

corporate risk department manager

department manager, collections

director – financial services

director of accounting

director, accounting and financial control

director, audit and compliance

director, budget and sectoral profitability

director, finance

director, financial evaluations

director, financial planning and reporting

director, financing and administration

director-treasurer – financial services

finance and control manager

finance chief

finance director

finance manager

financial administrator

financial audit manager

financial control manager

financial controller

financial director

financial evaluations director

financial manager

financial planning and advisory service manager

financial planning and analysis manager

financial planning and reporting director

financial planning and reporting manager

financial resources service co-ordinator

financing and administration director

group accounting manager

independent public accountants chief

internal audit manager

internal audit services manager

investments research director

manager of accounting department

manager of auditing department

manager, accounting

manager, auditing department

manager, collection

manager, corporate budgeting and analysis

manager, corporate financing

manager, corporate risk department

manager, finance

manager, financial control

manager, financial planning and analysis

manager, financial planning and reporting

manager, internal audit services

manager, internal audits

manager, pension services

pension plans administrator

pension services manager

regional controller – financial services

research director, investments

revenue accounting and controls section chief


treasurer and controller – finances

Main duties

Financial managers perform some or all of the followingduties:

Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operationof an accounting, audit or other financial department

Develop and implement the financial policies, systems andprocedures of an establishment

Prepare or co-ordinate the preparation of financialstatements, summaries, and other cost-benefit analyses and financial managementreports

Co-ordinate the financial planning and budget process, andanalyze and correct estimates

Supervise the development and implementation of financialsimulation models

Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting proceduresand investment activities and make recommendations for changes to procedures,operating systems, budgets and other financial control functions to seniormanagers and other department or regional managers

Recruit, organize, train and manage staff

Act as liaison between the organization and itsshareholders, the investing public and external financial analysts

Establish profitability standards for investment activitiesand handle mergers and/or acquisitions

Notify and report to senior management concerning any trendsthat are critical to the organization’s financial performance.


A bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics,commerce or a related field is required.

A master’s degree in business administration (concentrationin finance), or another master’s level management program may be required.

Several years of experience in accounting, auditing,budgeting, financial planning and analysis or other financial activities arerequired.

Accounting and audit managers may require a recognizedaccounting designation (CA, CMA or CGA).


Progression to senior management positions, such asvice-president of finance, is possible with experience.

Classified elsewhere

Banking, credit and other investment managers (0122)

Managers of accounting and auditing firms (in 0125 Otherbusiness services managers )

Senior managers – financial, communications and otherbusiness services (0013)

ClassificationStructure – 0