Jun 10, 2014

Point Based Features for Canada Immigration

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The Canada Immigration application process is borne with the new point based system for the visa approval to the maple Leaf country. The new point system for migrating Canada, the applicants need to score at least 67 points out of 100 for being entitled for the visa. The point based assessment system has different divisions, each with its own number of points. Likewise for educational background maximum of 25 points is awarded, 25 points awarded again if the applicant holds a PhD or Master’s along with 17 years of full-time study in the country, 22 points are awarded for having at least 2 bachelor’s degrees to go with a 15 year, full-time study, 20 points for 14 years and a two year bachelor’s degree, 15 points for one year university bachelor’s degree followed with 13 years of full time study, 24 points are awarded for the language proficiency of the applicant. The immigration applicants need to prove their proficiency over the Canadian official languages i.e. English and French. The first official language reserves 16 points and 8 points is reserved by the second official language depending upon the command and fluency of the applicants. Secondary school or high school gets the least number of points for the individual

The proficiency for the official languages according to point based system for Canada immigration point system is measured on the basis of modules like: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The applicants are graded in four categories i.e.  (i) High (ii) Moderate (iii) Basic (iv) None. The applicants can foresee a maximum of 21 points for the total work experience he has. It is compulsory that the applicant must have served full time for at least one full year. There are also multiple categories into which the applicants are placed like the managerial positions, those who are professional workers and those who are in highly skilled occupations. The three categories are broadly named as Skill Type O, A and B. The points are awarded on the basis of years of experience. The applicant gets 15 points out of 21 with 1 year of experience, whereas for 4 years or more of experience is good enough to get the entire quota of 21 points. Maximum 10 points is awarded for the age factor of the applicant.  Full 10 points is scored by the applicants between the age group of 21 to 49 years. But adversely if the applicant is aged 53 he will just score 2 points out of 10. An applicant will be awarded maximum of 10 points if they get an arranged employment. The applicants can fetch the full 10 points if they have a job offer that has been approved by HRSDC (Human Resources Services Department Canada). Some applicants who already have a valid work permit by HRSDC and can score full 10 points. For adaptability there is 10 points and it is determined on the basis of several factors such as the education, work experience in Canada, of the accompanying spouse.

The new Point Based Assessment System thus determines the eligibility of a foreign national to migrate Canada. Canada Immigration thus filters the applicants and welcomes the people who are qualified under the point assessment test.