Sep 24, 2015

Points to Know About Canadian Business Visitor Visa

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Are you planning a business trip to Canada ?

Canada, a beautiful country not only attracts tourists from all over the world, but also businessmen. There are certain requirements needed to be fulfilled before you plan to Visit Canada for business purpose. Some of these requirements include are mentioned in this post.

You should also be aware of these things:

• You are not allowed to stay in the country for more than six months
• You cannot join the Canadian labor industry till you are on as a Business Class Visa
• The finances should be transferred from outside Canada
• You should be financially stable to fund all the expenses and your stay when you are in Canada
• You are not admissible
• You must have proper documents with you to prove that you are living in the country on a business class visa

The main reason why all the above-mentioned points are important is to do all the business tasks legitimately without any interference. Also, you should be having an invitation letter by the business partner who invited you for a business visit in the country.

Why you should hire Visas Simply for Canadian Business Visa

Being businessmen, it is not an easy task to get all the paperwork done on time. It can be a headache to government authorities when you have other important work to do as well. This is why professional help from Visas Simply experts are needed. It makes the immigration process easy.

We are aware that you cannot afford a single loose string in the whole process. It can lead to a very big business loss. We make sure you get the visa on time. It is gratifying to see our business clients enter Canada for their business meetings with no hiccups.

At Visas Simply, we understand that presenting yourself at a Port of Entry is important. This is why our legal lawyers are always with you every step of the way. Call us today to find out how we can help.

If you have made your plan to visit Canada for business purpose then the first step towards getting a temporary business visa is getting an assessment of your case. You can fill the free assessment form on our website and our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. After that, everything will be discussed with you and an expert will handle all the steps involved in the process.