Sep 25, 2013

Prefer Higher Studies in Canada

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It is widely accepted that acquiring a degree from abroad is like having an opportunity to discover new pathways of confronting challenges in life. Higher Studies in Canada opens you new pathways towards career advancement and also you get exposed to so many new things that enhance your knowledge. There are top colleges and universities in Canada that unveil your dream into reality. Students from all parts of the world register every year in the country for higher studies.

Happy Canada Day

Canada holds the some of the world leading universities, which contribute to the best teaching and learning process, research and cultural development. You can come across 92 universities and 175 Community colleges in the country such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill University and University of British Columbia. Recently the Canadian universities have raised the standard of higher education by creating a sense of competitiveness among the higher educational institutes.

Higher studies in Canada is considered peaceful and secure. The criminal activities and other firearms are strictly controlled and prohibited by the authority. The distinguished feature of the Canadian universities is that the complete diploma / degree certificates are equivalent to the certificates of USA, UK and also recognized all over the world. The employment opportunity in Canada is also good. International students can find and do a part-time job in the Canadian job market during the study period. The work experience at the time of study has become an essential part of the curriculum in all Canadian universities. The tuition fees and lifestyle are less compared to American colleges and universities. For foreign students the tuition fee is higher than the residents of Canada. Students having dual citizenship of USA and France, get a chance to bargain. He could be able to study in a premier institution like McGill University at the same tuition fee level as Quebec residents.

International students need student visa for Higher Studies in Canada. For a Canadian student visa, the embassy requires related documents like the country of your origin, the type and length of your course etc. You need a temporary student visa and study permit to continue your study in Canada. The Quebec-bound students need to produce a CAQ or Quebec Application Certificate. For a course of six months or less, study permit is not necessary. But if you have opted for a 6-month or less duration course and want to continue with another program, you have to apply for a study permit. After getting a valid study permit, you can continue your study or have to leave Canada. A student scholarship abroad can immensely beneficial in reducing the cost of tuition fees. A student can get academic scholarship if he has scored around 90% to 95% marks. Based on some criteria such as community involvement, leadership qualities, and innovative skills, a student can also get merit scholarship. In addition, students get an exciting experience at Canadian universities that they can never forget in their life.