May 17, 2013

Quebec: Contributing To Canada’s Economy And Tourism

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Quebec literally means “where the river narrows”, is one of the ten provinces in Canada, it’s Canada’s largest province in terms of area and second largest administrative division of Canada. Population wise also it is the second most populous province in Canada. Quebec is predominantly a French speaking area and French is the official language here.

Quebec’s economy is based upon the substantial natural resources it possesses and also the manufacturing and service sectors which contribute a major chunk in of Quebec’s economy. Quebec is economically so strong that it contributes around 21% of Canada’s total GDP.


The province of Quebec is also very picturesque and attracts lots of tourist every year. On an average around 26 million people visit Quebec every year. The province of Quebec has an old European charm to it. Quebec City and Montreal are the two major tourist attractions in Quebec. Quebec offers many exciting outdoor activities to its tourists. You can enjoy a cable car ride, walk across the suspended bridge over a 83 meter high waterfall or walk in ice. You can also visit one of the parks and wildlife areas in Quebec and enjoy, you can also go on mountain climbing trips, hiking, mountain-biking and canoeing. You can also enjoy skiing and hiking through the snow.

Quebec City, which is known for its heritage and culture, is also a major tourist attraction. Quebec City has some of the finest European architecture, churches and museums. This city is host to a number of artists who draw their inspiration from this beautiful city. The city also hosts variety of art shows and theatre which is endorsed by the fans worldwide.

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