Sep 28, 2013

Study Attraction in United States

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Three students studying outside Georgetown Uni...

Students after their schooling often dream to study in a foreign university. This dream is a positive approach and can help you explore the world. There are various top-notch universities in United States that offers the best world-wide education to the foreign students. The universities are known for their excellence in education. Education system in US is flexible and allows students to flourish their skills. Some of the universities also allow the students to study in work at the same time. This helps them to earn some money to maintain their stay in USA.

The lucrative job offers that the students can lay hand on after the completion of their course is another major attraction to study in United States. A good education plays a major role in a person’s life that can turn him/her from pauper to king. The modern methods of teaching in most of the universities help the students to get an idea of the corporate working. This guidance helps the students to do well in their career.
Besides the best education foreign national students are also able to enjoy and understand the culture of United States and other countries. This exposure through cultural exchange programs help in enhancing the life style personally and academically.

Financial assistance for students
Even when you have cracked the entrance exam and got a seat in one of the prestigious educational institute in United States, you still re-think about the funds that you have and whether it will help in supporting the educating and stay in US for the time period. But now various US institutes offer different types scholarship to meritorious students which help the foreign national students to study the course in the best institutes without having to worry about the fee structure and accommodation. There are some government based scholarships that the Masters and Phd students with extraordinary merit can receive. The scholarships offered by the universities start from the undergraduate level, which can be either partial or full scholarship. Some universities even offer aid scholarship to economically needy students. Most of the scholarship covers the tuition fee, which is very high.

What benefits students can gain by studying abroad?
Study abroad can be highly beneficial for the students as they get a broader exposure to the world. There are many courses that may not be available in the home country of the students. Studying in USA broadens the knowledge of the world which helps the students to know the culture, history, climatic and political conditions of the world. Studying in country away from home country helps in understanding the uniqueness of their home country’s culture and tradition. Students get an excellent scope of doing research work. The US universities offer flexibility in education system and allow students to choose their choice of subjects.

Student Visa USA
There are different types of student visa for the foreign nationals depending upon the course that they have taken up in the US University. Some of the major types of US student visas are-
J 1 Visa– This visa is granted to cultural exchange program students.
F1Visa– This visa is granted to students who have taken up full-time academic course
M1 Visa– This course is been granted to those students who have taken up vocational course.
The students can also bring their dependent or guardian with them through the J2 visa.