May 7, 2014

New Changes in Canadian Immigration Programs

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The maple country Canada is the one of the most preferred destination for the immigrants across the planet, to work study or settle. Canada has a transparent stable business climate for investment.  It is open to global trade and commerce with a stable financial system and prudent rules and regulations. Canada offers high class education hosting top universities that refine the migrated students to make a significant difference in their career. The degrees and work experience is regarded all over the world. For Canada immigration you need to learn the rules and regulations laid down by the Canadian government, which frequently changes. You can go through the alterations in the official Canadian website or from a registered migration agent.

Some extract of the latest Canada immigration news are as mentioned below:

An important declaration have been made by the immigration minister of Canada, Jason Kenney, on February 7, stating that the state is trying to get more powers that would make it possible for the immigrate officials to remove the citizenship and rights of the citizens who were involved in terrorism activities and possessing dual citizenship was  in the state. Canada immigration will strictly scrutinize on these issues. The main objective is to deal with the problem of terrorism and ensure that the migrants or permanent residents who are given the citizenship should not have any criminal or terrorist background.

Special laws to barrier terrorism through immigration programs

The bill for the alterations in immigration laws is being supported by many including the Canadian immigration Minister, and seeks to come up with relevant amendments to punish the immigrants found holding dual citizenship and are engaged in terrorist activities. If the law comes into force, the country will join other countries like Australia and United States who already have specially defined laws for punishing such people and restraining terrorism.

With the increasing terrorism the world over the countries are trying their best to protect their citizens from terrorist invasion. Canada since has large number of immigrants such alterations in the immigration laws are expected. However, this can also make the process of immigration for the aspiring immigrants difficult as the rules are bound to be changed in the immigrant selection process as well.

Keep yourself updated

It is very important for an aspiring immigrant to be in touch with latest immigration news related to Canada. The changes can help you during the interview process and during your stay in the country. You can also heir a registered and reliable immigration expert for intimating the new rules and developments related to Canada immigration visa process. Knowledge is always better for keeping you in the safer side making things easy for you. The awareness of the latest changes will help you by making the possibilities stronger to get the respective visa under Canada immigration program.