May 13, 2013

Tourism Australia Offers World’s Best Jobs

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Every year Tourism Australia holds a contest know as the “World’s best jobs” in which six winners are will each get a job for six month and will be paid 100,000 AUD. The various jobs include Chief Funster, Outback Adventurer, Park Ranger, Wildlife Caretaker, Lifestyle Photographer and Taste Master. The jobs are based out of New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Melbourne and Western Australia.

Working Holiday!

The rules of this competition are simple; anyone who is above the age of 18 and legally allowed to work in Australia can apply for this. According to the Andrew McEvoy, MD, Tourism Australia the main aim of this competition is to improve the number of applications for working holiday visa for Australia. This is important as every individual who comes to Australia, spends around 13000 to 15000 AUD on an average and also contributes to the workforce in the unskilled job category.

This year the competition has already started and applicants have been shortlisted. Today the working holiday visa is offered to individuals from 29 countries and there is a proposal to extend it to 13 more countries. Tourism Australia is spending around 2.3 million dollars on this campaign and another 1.7 million will be raised from corporate funding and state sponsorship.

Youth tourism comprise of more than 25% of all international arrivals in Australia and this campaign is a nice way to showcase what Australia has to offer. If you have not made it to the shortlisted list you can always apply for the working holiday visa to Australia. To apply for the working holiday visa to Australia you should:

  1. Be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  2. You should be a national of a country, who has working holiday arrangements with Australia.
  3. You should not bring any dependent children.
  4. You should be of sound health and character.
  5. You should have enough funds.
  6. You should have heath and tourist insurance
  7. You should be outside Australia when this visa is granted.