Sep 24, 2013

Visiting Your Family Ties in Australia

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You are not a native of Australia but wish to visit your family ties staying in Australia then you need the family visa that is being issued by the Australia under some strict probation. There are different types of family visa through which one can enter Australia. It’s a beautiful continent offering wide opportunities to the people to visit the different cities of Australia. Besides only visiting your family and attending family functions one can enjoy the beautiful beaches in Australia.

A family of Australian Wood Ducks in Australia.

Depending on the intension of visit and duration of stay in Australia the family visa is being granted to the individual or group. Only New Zealand citizens do not require a family visa to enter Australia. Every year there are thousands of people migrating to Australia for different purposes.

The different types of family visa australia
There is not just one type of visa with which one can immigrate to Australia but there are varied methods through which one can enter Australia to visit their family ties. The two most common family visas are partner visa and family sponsored visa. The other types of visas are the parent visa and children visa.

The partner visa is further divided into different sections such as-
Married partner visa – In this subclass one of the partner should be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. This is also known as the spouse visa. When one of the partners who is not a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, can visit his/her spouse in Australia through partner visa. In this case the eligible partner must sponsor their spouse for the visa. The marriage should be legal and should also provide the mutual commitment. Married partner can also apply for Permanent residency visa after a span of 2 years.

De facto relationship – This visa is for those partners who have been in a relationship for over 1 year but are not married. The partners should be above 18 years. For the visa partners need to give prove of their relationship and the Australian citizen or PR must sponsor their partner to stay with them in Australia.

Prospective marriage visaРThe prospective marriage visa is the visa which is granted to an individual who wish to marry their fianc̩ in Australia. This visa is granted for a period of 9 months, within which the visa holder must marry their fianc̩ who is either a citizen of Australia or permanent resident. After the marriage the partner can apply for partner visa.

Family visa for Australian students– Those foreign national students who have come to Australia for the intension of studying in a prestigious institution in Australia can bring one of their dependent family member or guardian with them. The family visa can be included in the student visa. This family visa also include dependent child and spouse who wish to accompany the student visa holder to Australia.

Parent Visa Australia – In this type of visa the child must sponsor his/ her parent and the child should be either a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. Even a New Zealand citizen is eligible to sponsor their parent for Australian parent visa.

These different types of family visa not only allow the parent and family members of Australian permanent resident or citizen to meet them but also strengthen the family bond.