Sep 30, 2013

Why Choose Education in United Kingdom?

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The Great Britain and Northern Ireland together forms the United Kingdom. Today UK is one of the powerful and well-developed countries in the world. United Kingdom welcomes foreign nationals across the globe every year and now UK has approximately only 86% Great Britain population and rest of the population is of foreign nationals. The excellent education system, lifestyle, business and job opportunities attract people to come to UK.

After USA, UK has become the second most preferred place by foreign national students to find the best colleges, universities and education. The education that is being provided in these universities is technologically advanced. Advanced teaching methodologies help the students to get a global exposure. The exposure to different culture and history of the country allow the students to analyze and compare the same with their home country. There are various cultural exchange programs offered by the universities. Most of the UK degrees are internationally recognized which help the students to seek job anywhere easily. In UK students are spoiled with the choice of course that they want to study. They can take up vocational studies, academic studies or language courses.

Students coming from different countries develop more skills and personalities as they stay alone in a new country and also mix up with different people belonging to different cultures. Besides this another major reason for choosing education in UK is because of lower cost of living and education fee as compared to the other countries like United States. The undergraduate programs generally are of 4 years in other countries but in UK it is only for three years, which means students get to complete their courses faster. Universities like Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College are regarded among the top educational institutes in the world. By studying in UK students get the wide opportunity to research and explore their world of possibilities. If any particular course is 6 months longer than the usual course period then the student visa allow the student to work in UK and manage their funds. The students are entitled to free health care on the National Health Service. As Britain is a multi-cultural country it helps the students to get a homely culture.
Students coming from economically weak background are provided with assistance by many institutes in UK. Some can also avail scholarship on the basis of merit.

Visa requisites for studying in UK
The Tier 4 visa is being issued to the students, who want to study in UK. This tier 4 visa is being divided into 3 categories, which are child visa, general student visa and adult visa. The child student visa is for children between the ages of 4-15 years. General student visa is for age group of 16 and 17 seeking admission for learning b2 level of English. For the adult student visa the student must have already got the admission in a recognized course in UK. Through TOFEL and IELTS exams, students can get admission in an UK university.