Jan 7, 2013

Give Wings To Your Career, Come Work in Australia

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Australia is among-st the most favored nation by immigrants seeking employment opportunities abroad. There are many reasons for it, one of the reasons being the economy of Australia which is one of the safest and stable economies of the world. Australian economy started its fantastic growth story around the 80’s under President Bob Hawke. This was during this time that the financial deregulation took place and the Australian dollar came into force, since then there is no looking back for the Australian dream.

English: Bust of the twenty-third Prime Minist...
English: Bust of the twenty-third Prime Minister of Australia en:Bob Hawke by political cartoonist, caricaturist and sculptor en:Peter Nicholson located in the en:Prime Minister’s Avenue in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Photo taken by WikiTownsvillian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australia is a capitalist economy, and its GDP is US$ 1.57 trillion, the service and mining industry contributing around 78% to this. The surge in the Australian economy saw unprecedented growth in the infrastructure of Australia and better living standard for its citizen. Every major MNC opened its office in Australia, the IT industry saw a surge in its profit and tourism grew manifolds. Suddenly, it seems, the world has realized Australia’s potential.

The stable and robust economy led to rise in employment opportunities in Australia, the service and mining sector contributing majorly to this rise in employment opportunities. This also saw a surge in the migrant population in Australia. There are so many opportunities in Australia that it was difficult for the residents of Australia to fulfill them, some of them requiring even specific skills. Australia could not afford to put brakes on its fantastic growth story due to lack of manpower, this led to the demand for skilled workers. Every year there are thousands of skilled migrants who come over to work on specialized positions.

Working in Australia is a fantastic opportunity. Apart from adding value to your work profile it helps you to grow as an individual and professional and reach new heights in your career. Australia offers better opportunities in terms of job, salary, lifestyle and health. If you are working in Australia, not only do you secure your future but also your families. Once you become a permanent resident of Australia, you avail all the benefits available to an Australian citizen.

Australian government and the seven states of Australia, release an occupation list every year which reflect the job opportunity available in Australia. You can submit your expression of interest (EOI) and then your skills will be assessed and if you qualify that then you are send an invitation by the government of Australia to work there. If you want to work in Australia, you will require a work visa, there are number of work visa available, we shall have look at them:

If you want to work in Australia you will require a work visa, the work visas are:

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1) Employer Nomination Scheme: This work visa is required if you have an Australian employer willing to sponsor you.

2) Skilled Independent Visa (189): This Australian work visa is for those individuals whose skills are in demand in the Australian job market. This visa requires good English and educational qualifications and relevant work experience.

3) Skilled Nominated Permanent Visa (190): This Australian work visa is a state sponsored work visa. You need an eligible relative nominating you or nomination from a participating state or territory government.

4) 457 Visa: This Australian work visa is applicable to those employers who would like to employ overseas worker to fill designated skilled positions required in Australia.

5) Skilled– Recognized Graduate Visa: This visa is for those engineering graduates who want to work in Australia and have eighteen months of skilled work experience in Australia.

6) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme: This visa is for Australian employers who are based in low population and remote areas to sponsor employees of foreign origin for permanent visa in Australia.

7) Skilled Regional Provisional Visa: This work visa is for those individuals who are unable to meet the criteria for skilled independent visa. You can apply for a permanent residency after you have lived for two year and worked for at least one year in the designated area.