Jan 7, 2013

Working Holiday Visa: Supplement Your Fun

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You are young and you want to explore the world but like any other youngster the finance part is worrying you. Well, there is good news for you, ever heard about working holiday visas? Well friends, working holiday visa is your answer to your financial worries if you want to travel around. It’s an amazing concept which allows you to travel to a nation for a period of twelve months and work there so that you can supplement your holidays. Isn’t it amazing? You travel across the country, learn about their culture, imbibe the natural beauty of the country, make new friends and here comes the best part, you earn while having all the fun.
Working Holiday Visa
There are many countries which have the working holiday visa program, the most favored among them are Australian working holiday visa program, Canada working holiday visa program, New Zealand working visa holiday program, Switzerland working holiday program, Denmark working holiday visa program, UK working holiday visa program, France working holiday visa program, Germany working holiday visa program. In this blog we shall discuss about the working holiday visa program for Australia.

Australia is a favored destination among-st youngsters looking for a holiday in Australia. Australia has everything that attracts youngsters, it’s beautiful, has sun kissed beaches, the nightlife in Australia is very happening, Australia is a hub for adventure sports and if you’re a conventional sports fan then you can enjoy your cricket, Australian style football, rugby while having a sip of the famous Australian beer.

While in Australia on a working holiday visa try to get a job even if you think you have enough money to last for twelve months. It will not only give you work experience but will add a whole new dimension to the whole experience of staying in Australia, besides supplementing your holidays it will help you to make new friends, learn some new skills learn about the people of that place.

You can take some very interesting job apart from the regular jobs that are available for people on working holiday visa, for example: you can work in a farm; it will give you a complete countryside experience. You can do some harvesting work in vineyards, the plus point being you get to have it also, you can also work as surfing trainer, in hotels, resorts, at bars, believe me this will be an amazing experience.

To be eligible for an Australian working holiday visa, you should meet these requirements:

1) You should be between the age of 18 and 30.
2) You should be outside Australia when you apply for this visa and also when the visa is granted.
3) You should not have been to Australia before on a working holiday visa.
4) You should not be accompanied by dependent children.
5) You should be of sound health and character.
6) You should have enough funds (at least AUD 5000)
7) You should have a medical insurance.
8) You should have a return ticket.
9) You should be a passport holder of a country which has working holiday arrangements with Australia.

If you meet these criteria you are set to go to Australia on a working holiday visa, cheers and have the time of your life.